Top 3 Trendy Bars in OC


As the name of this speakeasy suggests, Under CdM is quite literally under the CdM restaurant located in Corona Del Mar. Make your way down the stairs to enter a hidden gem. This intimate space is decorated with luxurious yet eclectic touches, and even has a photo booth! Get ready for some of the most delicious handcrafted cocktails!

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With only 2 shabby chic doors nestled in some foliage, the entrance to Ruin Bar can easily be overlooked. This one-of-a-kind bar is located in The Lab (Costa Mesa) next to the always popular Habana restaurant. While the space itself is very intimate, it is uniquely designed with vintage pieces. Cat portraits adorn the walls, while a once loved ski lift carriage sits in the corner waiting for customers to share memories. Our favorite seat? The old school tilt-a-whirl in the garden. 

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Located in Anaheim, this bar makes you feel like you have entered the set of Pirates of the Caribbean (rum included.) Prepare to be immersed into a different type of world as you sip from your cocktail served in a tiki glass.  Everything about their menu and decor is on point when it comes to their theme. Ready to set sail?

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